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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • In the preparation to be dispensed with the following ingredients:
    Fish meal, soybeans, blood meal, feather meal, cheap meat by-products, artificial preservatives, bad oils and extra fats that are tough at colder temperatures.

  • Why is no fishmeal in the feed?
    Our various Koifuttervarianten are specially adapted to the natural needs of koi. The natural food of carp spectrum essentially consists of molluscs, crustaceans such as small crustaceans, worms, algae and fall fruits. We want to meet those needs, for this reason is consistently omitted fishmeal. Instead, high-quality krill comes as Hauptnährquelle used. We also want to achieve a rethinking of marine resource use.
    Hiquaso is doing its part to give a chance for the world to recover from exploitation. The protection and preservation of our environment, as well as natural regeneration, stands for us at the same level as each individual koi.

  • What's with the protein and fat content about?
    The ratio of protein and fat must be at 2.2 to max. 4.0 (protein fractions) to lie 1.0 (fat levels) so that the food can be digested optimally.
    • Daily Complete is 2.42 to 1.0
    • Pro Color is 2.79 to 1.0
    • Moderate Season is located at 2.35 to 1.0
    • Spirulina Plus is 3.2 to 1.0 (food supplement)
    • Immune Plus is 14.1 to 1.0 (very little nutritional supplements in order to avoid overfeeding as it were a health snack)
  • Can the lining transmitted diseases?
    No, it can be excluded to 100%. The feed is disinfected twice during manufacture.

  • How the food is made?
    The feed is mechanically extruded by a twin-screw extruder. Here, we achieve a significantly better mixing effect.

  • Why the Koi food is so durable?
    Our Koi food is not necessarily more durable as other koi food. We freshness and speed counts. This means that the Koi food is always freshly produced and comes directly without long storage for dealers or end users. 

  • Is the antioxidant E 321, an artificial preservative?
    No, it is an antioxidant and prevents the rancid and brown the chuck are comparable with the tan on fresh fruit such as Banana or freshly cut apples. This is one of the group of antioxidants and reducing the destruction of, inter alia, air-sensitive vitamins and several amino acids.

  • What is Moringa Oleifera?
    Moringa Oleifera is a very complex natural source of nutrients, these are the currently most nutritious plant world, they carries 90 different nutrients in it.

Immune Plus:
  • What is this white powder?
    The white powder is not organic, there are minerals. Of this quiet something must replace the water. For this reason, we have the mineral powder applied with intention somewhat "looser" to the food. The positive is that the water accumulates at the same time with important minerals. So they come to the gills and bind as harmful acids or other adverse substances.

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