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High quality Goldfish food with first class ingredients

The food ingestion / feeding of goldfish

The goldfish swims mostly near the ground, his mouth design is ideal to take feed from the bottom. To find some soil animals in the mud. From the open water he takes on algae and plant parts and on the surface it does preys on insects.

» This feeding behavior we could unite in our goldfish food. 

The goldfish granules / pellets are extruded, this is the most gentle method of preparation the goldfish food. After producing, the goldfish food will be convenient resealable bag packed (light-tight). We recommend storing in the refrigerator to get the high-quality ingredients for a long time.

Thus an intake of too much air is avoided in the feed intake, so our goldfish feed is a rapidly sinking complete feed.

In high breeding goldfish upset the body affects the digestive organs. For this reason, the intestine has less space and it is faster to blockages. Our goldfish food was therefore designed and manufactured with a low swelling capacity "Low Swell".

To avoid digestive problems, we recommend: 

The feed ration prior to feeding, in a separate container 2-4 minutes in water swell up to the maximum swelling volume. Thus the Goldfish food is easier to digest.

Goldfish food high breeding quality Hiquaso feed
Goldfish food high breeding quality Hiquaso feed

Typical Analysis: 

34% Crude protein 
7,5% Crude fat/oil 
5,5% Crude Fiber 
7% Crude Ash 


wheat meal, insect protein, brewer's yeast, brewer's grains, shrimp meal, soybean meal, corn meal, krill, potato flakes, cabbage, salmon oil, paprika pigment Additives: Astaxanthin 50 mg/kg

Multivitamin - Complex:
Beta Carotin for fertilization & growth 200 mg/kg
Vitamin D3 for calcium metabolism 750 IE/kg
Vitamin E for blood circulation & immune system 100 mg/kg
Vitamin C for Immune system, nerves & connective tissue 150 mg/kg

Minerals & Trace Elements:
E1 - iron FeSO4.H2O
(ferrous sulphate, monohydrate)
oxygen uptake & formation of red blood cells 24 mg
E2 - Iodine KI
(potassium iodide)
thyriod function 0,3 mg
E3 - Cobalt CoSO4.7H2O
(cobalt sulphate heptahydrate)
0,17 mg
E4 - copper CuSO4.5H2O
regulates iron metabolism 3 mg
E5 - manganese MnO
bone formation 31 mg
E6 - zinc ZnO
(zinc oxide)
healty groeth & wound healing 30 mg
E8 - selenium Na2SeO3
(sodium selenite)
kidneys, liver ans muscles 15 mg


Sprinkle never feed directly from the can or bag into the water!
It has already happened too often, that accidentally landed more food than intended in the water. In addition, the rising moist air from the Aquarium affects the goldfish food in freezer pack.

Goldfish food high breeding quality Hiquaso feed
Goldfish food high breeding quality Hiquaso feed food

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